doing work for family has its perks

One of my family members has an apartment complex from literally the 1920s. Its beautifully vintage and has aged like a fine wine. The only difference between fine wine and this apartment is fine wine tastes great and the apartment always needs rehabbing.

The bathroom tile was falling apart, and there was a drain leak. The tenant was out for a long weekend, so I had about 3 days to update the bathroom, which I figured was plenty of time.

I ended up working about 40 hours over that weekend to get the bathroom ready. Behind the old tiles, the walls were beginning to fall apart. The old damaged framing needed to be removed and new framing added. Being a small bathroom, everything was a tight fit, and the leak was difficult to reach. Nonetheless, all was finished, and I learned that doing work for family doesn’t pay too much, but the lessons and experience are priceless.