Tiling a Bar

This bar job was quite a challenge, both physically and emotionally.

Physically, it was a lot of grouting, since there is a lot of small tiles. The edges didn’t have finishing trim, so it took a little bit of work to make everything smooth and even.

Emotionally, the finished product was a little upsetting. It came really nice, but I feel the customer wasn’t 100 percent pleased. Well, I know it actually because he let me know that lol.


All in all, I Iearned a very valuable lesson from this job. Mostly, that I’m making money, getting paid for the experience and life is good.

Thank you client and bar tiling job. Onto the next.

original bar tile removal of bar tile and backing before groutbefore groutbefore grouttile with groutfinished

non leather steel toe construction work boot

Non-leather steal toe construction work boots

I recently purchased a pair of boots for construction. I was ripping out old flooring, and there were nails everywhere. I wanted to be sure my foot is protected, so I bought a real nice, slip-resistant, steel toe, non-leather construction work boot from K-Mart. These boots are called Maximus, and they are made by a company called Texas Steer. They were under $30, protect my feet from nails, look real good, have a thick sole and not made from animal skin.