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Tiling a Bar

This bar job was quite a challenge, both physically and emotionally.

Physically, it was a lot of grouting, since there is a lot of small tiles. The edges didn’t have finishing trim, so it took a little bit of work to make everything smooth and even.

Emotionally, the finished product was a little upsetting. It came really nice, but I feel the customer wasn’t 100 percent pleased. Well, I know it actually because he let me know that lol.


All in all, I Iearned a very valuable lesson from this job. Mostly, that I’m making money, getting paid for the experience and life is good.

Thank you client and bar tiling job. Onto the next.

original bar tile removal of bar tile and backing before groutbefore groutbefore grouttile with groutfinished

non leather steel toe construction work boot

Non-leather steal toe construction work boots

I recently purchased a pair of boots for construction. I was ripping out old flooring, and there were nails everywhere. I wanted to be sure my foot is protected, so I bought a real nice, slip-resistant, steel toe, non-leather construction work boot from K-Mart. These boots are called Maximus, and they are made by a company called Texas Steer. They were under $30, protect my feet from nails, look real good, have a thick sole and not made from animal skin.

removing tile, painting walls

This bathroom project was fairly small and simple. The original walls had older, plastic tile everywhere. The customer wanted to take down the old tile, paint the bathroom, and add a ceiling fan.

When we started taking down the tile, we ran into a slight issue. The old glue was really stuck to the walls. So our options were to completely remove all the drywall or patch the entire wall from bottom to top. We decided to patch the walls. It took about 4 coats to ready the walls for paint. In the end, it turned out looking great, and we installed a new vanity to complete the look.

durock and tile install

Before Christmas, I put in a bid on a “small” job. The job consisted of laying durock cement and tiling two bathrooms, a kitchen and a laundry room, as well as pouring a custom shower base in one of the bathrooms.

So I priced out the job by estimating the amount of time it would take. I figured everything would take about 8 days of labor, at most. I figured tiling is going to a piece of cake. I reasoned the shower base will be a bit difficult; but, other than that, it will be smooth sailing.

Boy was I mistaking. Instead of 8 days of labor, it took 16. The shower base took longer than expected. Tiling took longer than expected.

Usually I tile to a certain level on the shower wall, a few inches past the shower head; then, I finish off the edges with bullnose tile. In this case, both bathroom walls were tilted to the very ceiling. This just added a lot of extra work I did’t anticipate.

So yea, a few extra surprises along the way, a little bit of stress, but all in all, the job is finished and ready to be enjoyed!

master and guest bath remodel

This bathroom remodel was a great project. It was two bathrooms right on the same floor, which is very convenient. We simply jumped into the other bathroom while things like tile glue was drying in the other.

In the master bathroom, we removed all the old tile off the floor, tub surround tile, shower tile, and shower floor. A custom shower base was installed, new faucet on the tub, new drywall by the tub surround and shower. The lighter tile looked really good in the bigger bathroom. The shower came out really nice, especially the granite slab for the flooring.

In the guest bathroom, we tiled the entire the bath walls with mosaic tile. Turned out great, although it was a lot of extra grouting. I think the darker tile complimented the bathroom well.

Jucuzzi tub bath remodel

Before the remodel, the bathroom had a standard 60 inch tub. The customer wanted to put a bigger jacuzzi whirlpool tub. In order to accommodate the tub, we tore down the existing walls, pushed back the framing, redid the plumbing and added electricity for the whirlpool. Electricity was also run for two can lights above the jacuzzi.

The customers did a real nice job selecting the fixtures, tiles, vanity and new door. The bathroom came out really nice and is one of my favorite remodels.

New window, walls and tiling

This bathroom was a project that is close to the heart. The family’s motivation to remodel this bathroom was to lift the family’s spirits. One of their members is battling cancer, and while they underwent treatment at the hospital, we redid the bathroom.

We basically gutted the bathroom down to the studs. New drywall was placed around the tub surround and some of the walls. The customer really wanted a window that could be opened, so we knocked out the old block windows. We added a ceiling fan and had a professional re-glaze the tub. The family truly appreciated our efforts. This was a very personal and touching project.

doing work for family has its perks

One of my family members has an apartment complex from literally the 1920s. Its beautifully vintage and has aged like a fine wine. The only difference between fine wine and this apartment is fine wine tastes great and the apartment always needs rehabbing.

The bathroom tile was falling apart, and there was a drain leak. The tenant was out for a long weekend, so I had about 3 days to update the bathroom, which I figured was plenty of time.

I ended up working about 40 hours over that weekend to get the bathroom ready. Behind the old tiles, the walls were beginning to fall apart. The old damaged framing needed to be removed and new framing added. Being a small bathroom, everything was a tight fit, and the leak was difficult to reach. Nonetheless, all was finished, and I learned that doing work for family doesn’t pay too much, but the lessons and experience are priceless.