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Brenda’s got a baby by artist 2Pac

In this song, 2Pac speaks about Brenda who got pregnant at age 12 by a molester. Her family didnt notice and/or care. She fell in love with her molester and hoped he would stick around, but he left. She gave birth on a bathroom floor, decided she couldnt keep the baby, threw the baby away into a dumpster, and changed her mind because she couldn’t abonded a baby crying out to it’s mama.

Now she has a baby to support. Her family turned their back on her, and she turned to prostution to make ends meet.

2Pac is one of my personal heros because he fights for equality and compassion. Its easy to label females working the streets, but everyone has a story.

friends and friends

why my friends and family mean the world to me

To be honest, I am unsure if this blog post is about me or about my friends. I am sure about the reason for this post. It’s to show thanks and appreciation for the people that support me in all that I do. In the times when my shoulders are heavy and my knees weak, my friends and family are the ones that keep meĀ  moving.

I turned 30 years young on July 5th. All my friends had wild celebrations for their 30th. One of my closest friends had a grand banquet reception that we dubbed “Tom’s Wedding/Birthday Celebration.” Not because he was getting married at the same time, but because it was a banquet hall reception that rivaled most wedding receptions. So, what I’m saying is the pressure was on for a extravagant 30th bday fiesta.

But this year I didn’t want to do anything. I was a little down. There is definitely pressure I put on myself at this age. There are important goals and ambitions that I haven’t realized. I simply wanted to spend my birthday alone, with my dog, walking a trail or forest preserve. If a close friend wanted to join or my immediate family, I would appreciate that.

When invited to go to Nashville for the weekend by my friend Basia, I declined. When invited a second time two days before departure, I declined again. Luckily for me, hours before departure, my sister talked me into reconsidering. I think she knew it would be good for me. So off I went!

I am grateful I went. First off, I didn’t have to organize a single thing (Basia, you did an awesome job. Thank you!) I stayed at a beautiful house, ate delicious breakfast/lunch/dinner and drank drinks. All I did in return was pay a small fee.

My friends know I am vegan and always accommodate me. My buddy waited for 20 minutes in line to get me a vegan breakfast sandwich. He also made me vegan tacos. The group also got me a vegan birthday cake! Man it was awesome!

On the day of my birthday, we went to a bar. A live band was playing. They paid the band to play happy birthday while they threw me up on their shoulders like some war hero. They got the whole bar to celebrate with me for a moment. Then the band invited my friend and I to sing a song onstage (I’m not a good singer and that might be the last time the band did that lol).

I think all these things have happened because my friends like and respect me for who I am. I think that’s awesome because I sometimes have a hard time respecting and liking who I am lol. Its these types of experiences and support that help me keep moving forward and reaching towards the things outside my reach. I know one day I will get where I am going, and I don’t want to forget the friends, family and experiences that helped me through the tough times.

On that note, thank you and lots of love to you all! Thank you for the adventures in Nashville!

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