Rick Rush Michael Jordan Above the Crowd

I’m selling a Rick Rush painting of Michael Jordan entitled “Above the Crowd” by Rick Rush. It comes with a certificate of authenticity. It is 10/200 from June of 1990. It is framed, signed and in great condition. Here is the exact same painting from Rick Rush’s website.

I am asking $1750 for it. If you would like more information, pictures or to personally view the art, please email me or call/text.

708.651.3500 or ralph.mrozek@gmail.com.

above-the-crowd-rick-rush-michael-jordan-14above-the-crowd-rick-rush-michael-jordan-8above-the-crowd-rick-rush-michael-jordan-4 above-the-crowd-rick-rush-michael-jordan-5  above-the-crowd-rick-rush-michael-jordan-3   above-the-crowd-rick-rush-michael-jordan-8 above-the-crowd-rick-rush-michael-jordan-7 above-the-crowd-rick-rush-michael-jordan-6 above-the-crowd-rick-rush-michael-jordan above-the-crowd-rick-rush-michael-jordan-15  above-the-crowd-rick-rush-michael-jordan-9above-the-crowd-rick-rush-michael-jordan-10above-the-crowd-rick-rush-michael-jordan-13

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