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What I recently learned about women, unicorns and life

I was recently sitting at creative agency powerpoint presentation, and I walked away with an unexpected gift.

The creative director and account director of 1trickpony were sharing their thoughts on how to create a “red hot brand” that inspires people to take action. A brand must have purpose, and it must be fearless. To drive home their point, they shared this Dove commercial. Now, it is 8 years old, but news to me. So, don’t judge me lol.

After I seen this, I was pretty floored. It made me realize how I’ve been chasing women that don’t exist! I’ve been chasing unicorns!

Not in that sense, because unicorns do exist, but in the sense that I’ve allowed myself be programmed to someone’s notion of beauty.

Now that I can see, I feel I can better focus my energies on things that really matter to me. I hope that commercial also inspires you to feel good, beautiful and free.



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